Murder at Happy Niblicks Golf Club

By 02/06/2019 Members Only


More than Sixty Witnesses

On Saturday evening a murder was committed at the 19th hole that Agatha Christie would have been proud of. Fortunately members of both Ashdown Probus and Crowborough Golf Club were on hand to assist the police with their enquiries.

A crack team of sleuths headed by Dave Adams, John Bennett, Tim Malone, Brian Marshall and their partners came nearly (but sadly not quite) first in the competition to apprehend the perpetrator. Other teams, clearly distracted by the excellent supper and several bottles of the Club’s best red, did not perform so well. Indeed, the President’s team really could not understand how they managed not to come last in the competition (memo to self:- pay more attention watching those old Morse and Poirot programmes).

The excellent entertainment was staged by “The Company Upfront”, a professional group with a well-deserved reputation for their high quality murder mystery entertainment.

The whole evening was expertly and efficiently masterminded by Phil Parker who, I am glad to say, was among neither the murder victims nor the suspects.

Very many thanks to Phil for a really enjoyable evening – definitely one with a difference!

Andrew Fermor

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