A message from the President

By 03/05/2020 Members Only
David Scaife

To all members of Ashdown Probus Club

Hello to all Members, Families & friends,

Here we are at the beginning of May, over a month under “Lockdown” conditions and experiencing a completely different way of life. I hope you have all come to terms with it and managed to adapt without too many complications.

We have been blessed with a month of unusually fine weather. I am not a gardener but lent a hand and Barbara has created a garden that has resulted in a riot of colour all month long.

To be woken in the morning by the dawn chorus, to sit in the garden in the late afternoon and without the noise from commuting traffic and aircraft arriving and departing Gatwick Airport, the peace and quiet is deafening!

All those outside jobs that should have been done months ago are now complete, the garage, the shed and the greenhouse have all been cleared and tidied, the areas that required a coat of paint have been attended to.

Now the weather has changed it is time to see to the inside details.

During this month the Committee has been in phone contact with a selected number of you, just to say that the Club has not forgotten our members and to remind you that there is always a point of social contact and practical assistance should it be required.

If there is anyone who would like some help, please just lift the phone and start a conversation or send an email and ask a question, there are many idle hands willing to help out.

I believe we still have a way to go under the current situation. Although some parts of society are calling for an easing of the restrictions and the authorities may possibly relax some of the rules, perhaps it would be prudent, before attending a more crowded situation, to wait and see if the relaxing of rules is the right way to go.

Many thanks to Phil Parker for the additional page on the Club Website entitled “Play Page”. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet it is a puzzle and challenge page plus a weekly competition with prizes to be won!

I ask you to pause and remember our friends, Marshall Scott and Stan Loosley who passed away earlier this month.

Stay safe and well, keep in contact and I look forward to meeting you all again at the Monthly Lunch or the next Function.

David Scaife

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